The powerbank for the motocross track

Unlimited power at your disposal

The MX Powerbank is the first powerbank that is specifically made for motocross! When going to the track with your elecric motocross, you don’t want to charge it with a noisy generator. Our product provides you with clean energy for a day of fun!


The powerbank provides 5 kW output. This not only allows you to charge your motocross bike at the track, you can also make a cup of coffee and charge your phone!

A capacity of 7.2 kWh allows you to charge your Stark Varg or Alta MXR at least one time. Smaller batteries, such as the Sur-Ron Light Bee can be charged multiple times.

BikeCapacityCharge times
Stark Varg6.5 kWh1.1 x
Alta MXR5.8 kWh1.2 x
KTM Freeride E3.9 kWh1.8 x
Sur-Ron Storm Bee4.3 kWh1.7 x

Powered safely by Victron

Using high-quality Victron equipment for the energy conversion, the powerbank can reliably power your equipment for a long time. Safety is provided by overcurrent protection, and undervoltage protection.